pipeintel©Pipeline Knowledge Management

- bringing together specialized skills, advanced technologies, and industry experience and understanding to help manage pipeline information.

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total Pipeline Knowledge Management

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  • Pipelines in North America are one of our most important assets, without them, our economy would come to a standstill.
  • Tacit knowledge, or "information in one's head", walks out of and retires from job places every day.
  • The public, regulatory bodies and pipeline owners themselves are demanding more information about pipelines everyday.
  • Many pipeline systems in operation are 40-60 years old and records are sparse.
  • Harnessing the vast amount of information is daunting.
  • PIPEintel has developed a software system that has unlimited capacity to enter, store and report on any data entered.
  • Users include: operators, maintenance, engineering, legal, procurement, environmental consultants, surveyors, analysts, management, etc.
  • PIPEintel is designed for multiple users accessing information in multiple ways.

pipeintel©Pipeline Knowledge Management

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